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The Villages FL.

This is absolutely amazing technology! After the first session with Energy Medical, I walked out wondering where the pain went. I didn’t remember what being pain-free was like, and after one treatment, I wondered where the pain was

Ann Busby Fibromyalgia Group Leader

Her husband Bob writes,

Pain Issues –

My wife Ann is the group leader for the Fibromyalgia (Fibro) Support Group in The Villages, Florida.

The Fibro Support Group is listed in The Villages Florida Support Group listings; many medical folks contact Ann to see if they can come speak about how they treat folks who have chronic pain issues.

About a month ago Bill Rowland from Energy Medical at The Villages in Central Florida contacted Ann and asks if he could come talk to the Fibromyalgia Support Group to provide information on how he can assist in eliminating pain for folks with chronic pain issues.

Part of what Ann does as the group leader is to try and get medical folks who deal with pain treatment to come and speak at the monthly Fibro meetings to let those who are dealing with Fibro pain issues on a daily basis have more information on how Fibro pain can be treated.

Ann asks the normal questions about the treatment offered by Bill Rowland from Energy Medical at The Villages in Central Florida and scheduled a time to meet with Bill to review the information on Energy Medical Treatment.

During the visit to Energy Medical Ann was so impressed with the information provided by Bill Rowland she decided to get a treatment for her back pain and see how the treatment might help her in eliminating her back pain issues.

Ann has a lot of Fibro related chronic back pain that drains all her energy, keeps her in bed most of the time, and causes her to miss lots of fun and excitement on a day to day basis due to her pain issues.

After the first visit Ann was convinced just that one treatment reduced her back pain sufficiently enough to allow her to get out of bed, do some light house chores, visit some friends, play shuffle board and experience more quality of life than she had been able to do prior to her pain treatment.

Ann was so impressed with the results of just one treatment she signed up for three more pain relief visits to see if she could keep her back pain at a manageable level.

Ann had Bill Rowland of Energy Medical come out to the June 2015 Fibro meeting and speak about the various types of pain treatment Energy Medical offers to the Fibro Group.

Many of the Fibro Group members were interested in what Bill Rowland had to say about his methods of treating pain and Ann mentioned how impressed she was with the treatment she received.

The four treatments Ann received from Energy Medical were well worth the cost of the treatments which are not cheap and of course insurance does not cover the cost of the treatments. (www.EnergyMedical.net)

The treatments Ann received from Energy Medical allowed Ann to feel much better, she still has pain issues but is more active than she has been in the last five years and thinks the treatments she received from Energy Medical had a lot to do with her feeling better.

On Friday morning I woke up with terrible knee pain, could hardly walk and had no idea what I was going to do to resolve my knee pain issues. Ann suggested I contact Energy Medical and get an appointment to try and resolve my knee pain issues.

Ann is still impressed with the pain relief she received from her treatments at Energy Medical and suggested I get an appointment and see if the treatment could assist in reducing my knee pain.

On Friday at 1:00 PM I met with Bill Rowland of Energy Medical and explained my right knee pain issues.

The two hour pain treatment I received form Bill Rowland cut the pain in my right knee to half of what it was when I entered his office limping, the pain was not totally gone but was manageable enough that I was not limping when I left his office.

Amazing I was able to notice such a quick pain reduction in just two hours!

I will be going back on Monday to Energy Medical to try and get my knee pain issues reduced as much as possible.

No idea how The Electro-Acuscope which is a therapeutic medical device that stimulates nerves to reduce pain works, but the device worked on me and I and Ann will be going back for further treatments.