The Ultimate Facial

With EMed’s AMT you are the Fountain of Youth!  Our Ultimate Facial will leave you not only looking better, but also feeling better with more energy.

Have you ever wondered how Hollywood celebrities manage to look so young?  Their secret is AMT!  Surprisingly, AMT has helped many Hollywood celebrities throughout their careers. Countless entertainers have chosen AMT over injections, laser and surgeries due to better cosmetic results.

Believe it or not, the technology used in AMT is based on the research that has helped researchers win 7 noble prizes. AMT is the blend of years of research and strict proprietary protocols. With technology this sophisticated, the AMT therapy eliminates pain and injury right from its root! Not only that, but it also helps prevent and even reverse several signs of aging. Not all micro-current is created equal.

AMT’s sophisticated computer reads the condition of cells then calculates and sends out, via conductive wands and accessories, the exact gentle corrective micro-current signal needed by that tissue. This read-calculate-deliver process is repeated 100 times every second to return compromised cells to a healthy state. This continuous review of the improvements being made will not allow any area to be over-treated. By returning cells to a natural healthy state, AMT restores cellular health and does not cause any harm to the body.

EMed offers Bio Energetic Face Lift safely provides permanent visual results within just a few treatments by regenerating cells damaged by the aging process using a unique carrier wave, and advanced bio-feedback technology available only at Energy Medical.

EMed normalizes the condition of the skin, returning damaged cells to their own natural healthy state. The Bio-Energetic Face lift will stimulate collagen production, blood flow and lymph drainage on an accumulative basis. Normal healthy skin will naturally optimize oxygen, nutrient absorption and moisture levels.

Get the results at EMed that you can’t get anywhere else. This bio-energetic procedure has been a long time secret to Hollywood elite. Now these secrets are available to everyone. Emed’s relaxing natural procedures will also increase energy levels and mental clarity.

Energy Medical is unique in offering this advanced technology. The body responds to energy and bio-feedback therapy. The results are dramatic and long lasting.

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Express, Electro, Organic, Stress Reduction Facials are also all available.