Eliminate Pain

Eliminate Pain


Eliminate Pain Even If Nothing Else Works

Eliminating Pain is what we specialize in! No matter what the cause, or how long you’ve experienced it or what you may have tried in the past. Your body has an amazing ability to heal if it only has enough energy and the right nutrients.

AMT is the world’s most advanced full body, pain elimination, performance enhancement and accelerated healing technology available.

Eliminate Pain in The Villages!

Energy Medical is a unique, upscale, alternative medical facility specializing in the treatment of chronic and acute pain. Patients that most benefit from Energy Medical’s services include those experiencing moderate to high chronic pain that is not successfully managed by conventional medicine. These technologies also help those unable to tolerate the side effects brought on by conventional medicine, and can augment or replace spine simulators, recurring joint injections, and permanent pharmaceutical pain management. In addition, AMT has proven to be an especially attractive treatment for high risk candidates for surgical or pharmaceutical intervention.

Eliminate Pain Solution!

The solution to eliminate pain is Energy Medical’s unique combination bio-energetic technologies, and protocols to return the body back to a normal condition electrically at a cellular level. When the cells are returned to a normal condition, normal healthy conditions and processes result. The key is to test, treat and test again to determine and document efficacy.

At Energy Medical we specialize in returning the body back to a normal condition advanced (artificial intelligence) medical technologies and proprietary protocols. Energy Medical has the ability to test treat and test again and document the changes.

Energy Medical helps patients look better, feel better and perform better, quickly without drugs or surgery! The side-effects are dramatic pain relief, accelerated healing, stronger immune system, anti-aging, and performance enhancement.

EMed uses advanced FDA registered, and virtually unknown Electro-Magnetic Pulsed Frequency Waveform technologies, and proprietary protocols to quickly normalize cell function, and compare before and after electro-test measurements.Normal cell function is not disease, trauma, or species specific, which means Energy Medical has the ability to effectively treat any disease, injury or condition (human or animal)!

Eliminate Pain