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massage in the villages EMed has the world’s most advanced full body, pain relief, performance enhancement and accelerated healing technology available. Our unique Electro-Massages work therapeutically at a cellular lever and accelerate the pain relief of sore muscles. Energizing the body with needed nutrients and energy producing an amazing experience.

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facials in the villages You are the Fountain of Youth! Experience unique or traditional facial therapy techniques available at EMed. We offer our unique Electro-Facial, the ultimate non-surgical electro facelift that works at a cellular level to regenerate and reinvigorate the skin leaving you with a glowing more youthful appearance. Look amazing at EMed!
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important link For more than 30 years AMT has been used as a secret recovery weapon for Olympic and Professional sports teams. This physical recovery is now available to you. We can assist in sports related performance and recovery issues. In today’s athletics for youth and young adults, EMed is committed on finding solutions to issues and injuries facing athletes.

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  • Non-Invasive
  • Non-Surgical
  • Lasting Results
Eliminate Pain Today using advance micro-current technology

(AMT) Acuscope Myopulse Therapy

pain relief Energy Medical is a unique, upscale, alternative medical facility specializing in the treatment of chronic and acute pain. Patients that most benefit from Energy Medical’s services include those experiencing moderate to high chronic pain that is not successfully managed by conventional medicine.

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Pain Relief in the Villages Eliminating Pain is what we specialize in! No matter what the cause, or how long you’ve experienced it or what you may have tried in the past. Your body has an amazing ability to heal if it only has enough energy and the right nutrients. Eliminate Pain Even If Nothing Else Works!
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tramadol pca dozu The solution to pain relief is Energy Medical’s unique combination bio-energetic technologies, and protocols to return the body back to a normal condition electrically at a cellular level. When the cells are returned to a normal condition, normal healthy conditions and processes result.

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tramadol tylenol 3 together We have helped thousands with their health and wellness needs. We can help you too!

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The Villages FL.

homepage This is absolutely amazing technology! After the first session with Energy Medical, I walked out wondering where th..

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Energy Medical
The Villages FL. Bonifay Golf Pro “I can now play golf without taking 2 Aleves and I don’t have to ice down after each round”.”I h..
Energy Medical
Melbourne Beach FL.

tramadol usage veterinaire Thank you so much, I can run on the beach again!!!I just love starting the day by a quick run on the beach. Ho..
Energy Medical
Orlando FL.

Internet page After only one treatment in each knee, I am totally pain free in both knees!!! Praise God! For the first time in ove..

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